Two gateway student was involved in an accident


There was an accident in front of ACME beside gateway polytechnic saapade caused by a trailer at around 8:30am yesterday .
The accident affected two gateway female student TOSIN OBANLA AND TOYOSI both in ND2 accountancy department and a bike man MR SEGUN ADENEYE.
it was due to the fact that the tire of the trailer removed on motion and hit the bike which the students entered. It was brought to how notice that the driver of the trailer ran away immediately it happened (LA farge driver). It got to the notice of the school band the SUG  around 8:40 yesterday. The SUG rushed the students to the state hospital at ishara for first aid after which they were giving a refer letter to south at isagam. The school management and the SUG has taken neccessary step to ensure the treatment of the student.




Note : The two students are both alive and responding to treatment.

From the office of the SUG president



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